Main Subjects = Computational and Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics
Analytical Study on Effect of Loosening on Nonlinear Vibration Behavior of Bolted Joints

Volume 53, Issue 12, March 2022, Pages 5739-5754


Abouzar Pirdayr; Mehrdad Mohammadi; Mohammad Javad Kazemzadeh-Parsi; Majid Rajabi

Fabrication and testing of re-entrant auxetic samples and sensor: Numerically and experimentally

Volume 53, Issue 6 (Special Issue), September 2021, Pages 3987-4008


bahman taherkhani; ali pourkamali anaraki; javad kadkhodapour

Investigation of the micromechanical behavior of ferritic-martensitic steel under complex loading

Volume 53, Issue 6, September 2021, Pages 3689-3702


Ali Cheloee Darabi; Ali Pourkamali Anaraki; Javad Kadkhodapour; Siegfried Schmauder

Thermal stress analysis for an aluminum die cast die

Volume 53, Issue 4 (Special Issue), July 2021, Pages 2687-2702


HamidReza Khayyati; Yadollah Alinia

‘Effect of Initial Temperature and Cooling Practice on Thermo-Mechanical Stress of Ring Rolling

Volume 52, Issue 8, November 2020, Pages 2063-2080


ali negahban; ehsan barati; Abdolali maracy; Nader vahdat azad