Peer Review Process

The process of article submission:

The first step that needs to be taken in order to submit a new article in the journal portal is to create a user account and log in to a user account by the corresponding author. After logging in to the portal it is necessary to enter the information regarding the journal including the Persian and English titles and also the authors’ names. It needs to be mentioned that the order of the authors’ names should be identical to the manuscript. After uploading the copy right form and the article files, the article will be available to the editor-in-chief and the initial technical review will be done to ensure the article was written within the journal frameworks and that it does not overlap any published articles in Iranian and foreign journals. After this step, the assessment and review process of the article will commence and the corresponding author will be notified of the results via e-mail. It is important to note that the decision is made based on the opinions of the reviewers and the conclusion of the editorial board’s opinions. Therefore, any decision about the future steps of the article review process will need to be discussed in the editorial board meeting which is held monthly. This journal is one of the few journals that hold regular editorial board meetings.

Highly acclaimed reviewers assess all the articles. Prompt response of the authors to the corrections and revision requested by the reviewers will result in shorter evaluation time. The type of review is "Single Blind Peer Review" and reviewers comments are considered highly confidential and the authors will view reviewers comments, questions and requests under the anonymous titles of “reviewer1” and “reviewer2”.

It has to be mentioned that according the editor-in-chief’s commitment the review and final decision making process lasts four months providing that the authors submit the responses to the reviewers’ opinions within the given time limit. After scientific acceptance of the article, according to the journal’s executive managers’ commitments, the article will be published online within two months.

The following flowchart shows the general process of acceptance of articles in Amirkabir scientific research journal: