Numerical modeling of Li-ion battery temperature management system for low initial temperature

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


Temperature of Li-ion battery significantly affects its performance and keeping the temperature in the suitable operational temperature is important. Even more, it guarantees the safety and life time. In this study, performance of a battery temperature control management system for a 6-cell Li-ion battery pack is investigated for cold climate and the initial temperature of -20°C. Two main parameters of maximum temperature difference and average temperature of the batteries are considered as the heating system performance criterions. Effects of the heating fluid mass flow rates, number of the plates and the fluid flow arrangement including three methods of simple, counter flow and zigzag counter flow, on the performance criterions and the heating times are investigated. Results shows that generally the mass flow rate the batteries reach the 20°C sooner and the temperature difference decreases. For similar mass flow rates, the heating time decrease by using more heating plates at high mass flow rates. The zigzag flow arrangement has the best performance among the other investigated flow arrangements and reduces the temperature difference up to 8 times with maximum value of 2.1 degrees. But the all counter flow arrangements increase the heating time in comparison with the simple flow arrangement.


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